When Jenni contacted me to photograph her family once again, I came up with an idea of something other then just the typical once a year family portrait. Let me hang out in your home and let me be a fly on the wall ? Okay well its hard to pretend I’m a fly, but Jenni was all in and I decided to give it a go.  Jenni is also a professional photographer and she’s an amazing Mom to son’s Devyn and Luke and wife to David. On this day I arrive, Jenni’s preparing for Luke’s 11th birthday celebration at their home. I’m super excited to get outside to meet their cool chickens. Let’s go!

First lets meet Louie and Vinny

Louie was my best buddy and shadow while I was visiting!
Everyone in the family helps care for the chickens. They are all loved and treated like any other pet in the family. Jenni especially loves animals and it shows when she talks about each one of the chickens and their personalities.
Did I say cool chickens?  Diamond is Luke’s chicken. she has fuzzy feet. She’s a light Brahma – okay I am not up on my chicken breeds.
So many names to keep straight.. Lets see.. Wasabi, Penny, Diamond, are just a few of their unique names and such beautiful colors! And the eggs! I would love to have chickens and fresh eggs every day. Oh and check out Jenny’s tattoo – love it !

Now lets go inside and see what is going on…

Luke is helping make tacos for his party later on
Louie ends up in time out… I’m wondering if Luke got Louie wound up ? Luke is quite the soccer player- He did show me a few of his moves. His broken finger didn’t stop him from doing anything!  – This 11 year old dreams of being a soccer pro!
Devyn who is 14 gives one of the 4 Guinea pigs love. Devyn wants to be an
Astrophysicist . I have no clue what that is ! Jenni answers a few emails for her Photography business ( Forever- Yesterday Photography ). Louie of course helps.
Louie gets groomed for the party while David plays us a few tunes. He’s quite good!
After 15 years they still cuddle !
Oh love this photo! Devyn!!!!!! Devyn is holding Razor their bearded dragon.
Time for a good old fashion family card game
And the winner is….
Happy Birthday Luke! Great cake your mama made you!
And now for the family photo on this beautiful land right in front of their home which they chose because of the beauty and privacy

Thank you Jenni, David, Devyn and Luke for opening your home and hearts to me. Sharing your day with me through the lens of my camera gave me that photojournalism rush I so love. What a beautiful day I had with this wonderful family. Guess what I got to take home with me.. Fresh Eggs!


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