Let’s talk about turning 30. Whoever said you had to be turning 1 to get the cake, balloons and photo session?

Turning 30 is a milestone. I really don’t remember this turning point being so momentous but I wish it had been. It’s a time when you can reflect on where you have been and where you are going. You think that by now you should have it all together but realize that it many never happen totally. And guess what? It’s really okay . You want time to slow down just a little but let me tell you- the years will start wizzing by quicker.
Little things are so important right now. So my advice? Dance more often, spend time with the family, throw out the crap, be good to yourself and kind to others, fall in love, and the best advice I can give to you is to Eat cake for breakfast!

A little about this beautiful woman. Sarah is married, works full time, is in school for accounting then comes home to take care of her 2 boys. And to top it off she plays for Charm City Roller Girls!

Thank you Sarah for bringing your heart and soul to this dazzling session celebrating your life and turning 30!

Along side of being beautiful, Sarah’s Maryland tattoos are super cool
Cake goes best with a good bottle of wine!
Her awesome dress matched the wine and my background!
This is one of my favorites
Turning 30 never looked so good!
Hello 30! Hello Beautiful!
Happy Birthday Sarah!!!